Morning sessions

April 20th - 100% Online Morning SessionDigital energy: developments and challenges

Driven by the issues of climate change and the tensions resulting from the war in Ukraine, the energy sector is at the centre of all concerns.

 2 hours to demonstrate the contribution of high power digital to the energy sector 

 ▶ Defining the future of nuclear energy, from the designs of new EPR or small reactors (SMRs) to fusion research.
 ▶ Developing and deploying alternative energies, optimising distribution networks to better manage intermittent production
 ▶ Controlling the energy consumption of large digital systems.

 With interventions from industrial users, leading technology companies and project presentations

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Introduction & Overview

Digital technology is more and more essential to the energy sector

Claire Waast-Richard, Data and Digital Director of ENEDIS interviewed by Emmanuel Duteil, Director of the Industry section of Infopro Digital
  • Is an ecological transition possible without digital? The example of public lighting, predictive maintenance...   
  • The sharing of innovations at all levels of the company  
  • France's position in this revolution: how digital twins and the hpc can help us go even further



2050 trajectory: the new place of nuclear power

With Patrick Blanc-Tranchant, Head of Research and Development Department, CEA Energy Directorate
  • Towards a decentralised energy system 
  • Simulation: new fields of application, new means, new approaches 
  • Modelling needs applicable to the entire energy sector
Animated by  Emmanuel Duteil, Director of the Industry section of Infopro Digital


Round Table

Digital in future energy systems

  • Eric Andersen – Petronas Senior GM-Head of Geoscience Solutions 
  • Muthukumar Sockalingam, Project Manager at PETRONAS Digital
  • Chin Soon Lim, Application Support Engineer at PETRONAS ICT 
  •  Victor Martin, head of R&D -digital hub Paris Saclay ,TOTALENERGIES
  • Jean-thomas Acquaviva, Team lead research groupe, DDN
  • Emmanuel Besse, CEO Atos Worldgrid, Head of E&U Industry Southern Europe  
Energy constraints, whether related to the climate or the geopolitical context, are constantly increasing. To cope with this, energy production and distribution must be optimised more than ever. Whether it is a question of complex and dynamic simulation or intelligent management of networks in real time, this is only possible with the help of high-performance computing.

Presented by Julien Bergounhoux Editorial director, L'Usine Digitale



Energy of HPC

Eclairion is the only digital infrastructure in France that is entirely dedicated to hosting HPC equipment. We "enable", facilitate and secure high performance computing platforms for a wide range of uses, while remaining neutral in regard to the hardware solutions and configurations chosen by our clients. Energy is a key element of the service provided to Eclairion users, on at least two levels: Securing the energy supply: depending on the modularity of the proposed solutions and the arbitrations made by the client, the energy supply is ensured at all possible levels of redundancy and assurance (modularity of the TIER level, depending on the criticality of the IT production) Energy efficiency: as an infrastructure dedicated to hosting HPC equipment, Eclairion delivers the best service at the best price by being particularly efficient in its use of energy. As the best energy is that which is not consumed, Eclairion has a particularly low PUE (energy efficiency index). The energy that is not consumed is also the energy that is not billed to the customer. Hence the 'best service at the best price'.    Eclairion is also active in the field of research and development, to make the subject of "energy" an object of continuous improvement. Some of the areas of study currently underway, the results of which could further improve Eclairion's energy equation: geothermal energy, waste heat, choice of primary energy or on-site production. Every possible improvement detected will benefit the site's users. 

 With François Sabatino, President of Eclairion


Research and development session : Presentation of 4 research projects

 Project #1: NEASQC Project - 10mn 
 By Joseph Mikael, Head of Quantum Computation & Quantum Information   project, EDF 

 Project #2: In the framework of FF4EuroHPC-10mn 
 By Michaël Gabay, Director Artelys 

 Project #3 : 10mn 
 By Mathieu Salanne, director of ISCD - Institut des sciences du calcul et des données  Sorbonne Université

 Project #4: In the framework of CoEC, 10mn 
 By Helen Schottenhamml, PhD researcher, IFPEN

Moderated by Emmanuel Duteil - Director of Industry Newsroom, Infopro Digital Group 
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Conclusion: key points and perspectives

With Hervé Mouren, Managing Director, Teratec