Vivien Clauzon


Architecte Solveur Elements Finis


Product owner "HPC eXperience" at Michelin Product owner, Software Architect and Lead Dev "Finite Element Solver" at Michelin Author of the world class chess engine "Minic" Vivien is passionate about writing high-performance, maintainable scientific codes in answer to modern simulation needs. If it is clearly a technological and technical challenge, it is also an incredibly exciting and rich human adventure. He started his HPC journey back in 2004 while developing CFD codes able to scale on vectorial supercomputers during his PhD thesis. He then switched to GPGPU for some years and developed the first french interactive compressible, and later on incompressible, fluid flow solvers while conducting post-dotoral research. For 5 years at Numtech, he contributed to the development of resilient piloting systems for meteorology and air quality simulations, handled the internal HPC resources and took part in various academical partnerships. Working at Michelin since 2013 he dedicates most of his energy to the team in charge of developing the homemade Finite Elements solver and to a broader extent the service in charge of most of the simulation softwares in order to provide our partners the most usefull, efficient and user friendly tools.